Richard H. Daffner, MD, FACR

Dr. Daffner is a retired radiologist who practiced at Allegheny General Hospital for more than 30 years. He is emeritus clinical professor of Radiology at Temple University School of Medicine and is the author of nine textbooks.

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By Richard H. Daffner, MD, FACR on Jan 5, 2019 9:07:00 AM

Recently, there has been increasing interest in the subject of mentoring with the publication of two Perspective pieces in the Bulletin.1,2 Anna Evans Phillips, MD, in the February 2017 edition and Geoffrey Lim, MD, in the May 2018 edition recalled their experiences with mentoring.1,2 Anna’s experiences during her residency and fellowship years inspired her to begin mentoring her own junior colleagues. As physicians, she pointed out our obligation the Hippocratic Oath holds us to regarding teaching our art to future generations of healers. Geoffrey added not only his thoughts and gratitude to his mentors as he completed his residency, but also enumerated a set of core qualities that he felt defined “healthy” mentorship. He went further in also listing the reciprocal qualities the ideal mentee should have. I would like to add my own perspective from the standpoint of someone who had the privilege of serving as a mentor to many younger physicians.

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