Jerome M. Itzkoff, MD

Dr. Itzkoff is a cardiologist who has until recently practiced at UPMC Shadyside Hospital. He currently is practicing part-time as a locum tenens physician and trying to become a better photographer and pianist. He can be reached at

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Perspective - Preventing firearm violence: Can anything really be done?

By Jerome M. Itzkoff, MD on Jan 6, 2019 2:28:00 PM

One of the benefits of a medical education is an indoctrination into the art of critical thinking. Physicians are chronically subjected to information overload comprised of past and present patient histories, new and old clinical and basic science research, psychosocial factors that relate to patient care, and governmental and institutional rules and regulations. We are besieged by an ever-expanding and increasingly complex volume of data that we must organize and effectively synthesize and manage to maintain our professional competence. We regularly re-educate and re-certify ourselves toward this end. We integrate evidence-based data and evidence-directed guidelines that inform and influence the critical thinking that enables us to render optimal medical care.

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